Here is a dyno plot showing where the trans protect kicked at about 750 lb/ft TQ and 2050rpm. The transmission did not limp, rather the Juice trimmed power. This was with a new stock converter and Transgo kit. The 90 HP run was made after the 125 run, and the lower torque allowed a steady application of power. Two more 125 runs were made and each time, the torque decreased as did the severity of the dip. It basically appeared as though it "knew" what was coming. We captured a snapshot of the trans data with the Tech 2 scan tool on the last run. This snapshot showed a 115 RPM variance between turbine speed and transmission input shaft speed for a brief instant at the same RPM as the dip on the dyno chart. As you can see by the chart, the Allison recovered, and the run was completed without further incident. Had a program without trans protect enhancement been used, the slip would have been greater and likely would have slipped until the transmission limped or the run was completed.

Note: "I believe that the 1750-2000 RPM dip on the first Juice 125 (black lines) may have been a trans slip, or may have just been some turbulence in the truck or the dyno as it was not reproducible." - JK