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6.2/6.5 GM || Engines - 6.2/6.5 || Components - Engines - 6.2/6.5

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ARP Head stud kit for 6.2/6.5 engines
DSG main stud girdle for 6.2/6.5 engines -10mm

Use this kit with later model blocks using 10mm outer bolts. I cannot tell you with certainty what you have, only that about 1997 up "506" blocks typically used these. There is a potential for a split model year in 1997. We will not be responsible for incorrect orders.

DSG main stud girdle for 6.2/6.5 engines -12mm

Use this kit with earlier model blocks using 12mm outer bolts. I cannot tell you for certain what you have, so you will need to verify this. Most 1997 and earlier models typically used these, and all "599" and "141" casting blocks used these. We will not be responsible for incorrect orders.

DSG oil cooler and line kit for 6.5 trucks

Larger capacity cooler along with nearly indestructible lines will result in improved cooling performance and provide years of trouble free service.

Mahle pistons for 6.5 Std compression ratio

Pistons available in +.020"(.5mm) and .030" bore sizes with .010" reduced compression height to allow for decking of the block or a slight reduction in compression ratio.Pistons come complete with rings. Please make note of which variety you need.

"Due to light demand we are not stocking these at present, but can get them in a relatively short time."- JK

Reduced Compression Piston for 6.2/6.5L - Set of 8ea

Custom CNC machined dish design allows the compression ratio to be dropped to most any desired number. The dish design allows the piston to be installed with the factory spec protrusion. The dish shape along with 0 to +.oo7" protrusion along with a perimiter "squish" band, concentrates the fuel/air charge in the middle of the chamber, promoting more efficient combustion, and reduced stress on the head gasket. The domes are then ceramic coated for durability and heat rejection while the skirts get a moly dry film coating applied to reduce friction.

"These pistons are custom built and are not kept on the shelf. A lengthy lead time is the norm so please plan ahead and don't hate me when I say 8 plus weeks" - JK

Splayed main cap set for 6.2/6.5 engines

Set of 3 center caps provides increased rigidity to the bottom end of the block and shifts the stress off of the center of the webs. The outer bolts are set at an outward angle and tie into the base of the web where the strength is. The old holes are simply abandoned by filling with threaded rod or sawed off old bolts.

The installation of these caps will require machining of the "registers" in the block out to near the pan rails, and a full line bore operation along with boring and tapping of the splayed holes for the outer bolts. Hardware is provided in the form of studs for the center holes on 5 caps, and bolts for the outer holes on the center 3 main caps.

"I believe that the key to survival of the blocks on these engines is rigidity. These caps are taller, longer AND thicker than the OE units, providing a tremendous improvement in strength and rigidity. This operation should only be performed by an experienced machinist, but is a common operation on Chevrolet gas engines used in HP racing applications." - JK

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