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Suspension || Air Bags || Compressor Kits - Air Bags - Suspension

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Air Lift Wireless Air

• Easiest installation ever — no lines or wires to the cab!

• Wireless handheld unit for convenient operation in or outside the vehicle

• Advanced diagnostics for safety and peace of mind

• Automatically maintains set pressures

• Two user-defined memory buttons allow for frequently used settings

• Kit includes compressor, manifold and control box — everything you need!

• Controls two air springs independently

Product Information Page

Load Controller I

Extra heavy duty compressor kit with dual controls.

Used primarily in motorhome applications or wherever frequent, large volume air pressure increases are required. - JK

Load Controller II

General heavy duty compressor kit with dual controls.

Perfect for most "weekend warriors" looking for in cab control of air pressure. Dual controls allows independent pressures from one side to another to balance load, AND will not allow air to transfer from one bag to another giving increased stability much like a sway bar. - JK

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