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Duramax Parts || KD Mega Filter || Original Mega - KD Mega Filter

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MEGA Fuel Filter Kit for Duramax

This item is on sale.

Complete add on fuel filter kit specifically designed to fit under the hood on 2001 thru present Dmax equipped pickups. The 2006 and later trucks will need the stainless air box tray. The 2015+ will need some trimming in the area beneath the air box tray. This unit can be plumbed either before or after the OE unit, but I prefer after. This kit comes with all of the necessary hoses, fittings, and a two filter elements.

"Please be certain that you have read and understand the and print the Installation Overview prior to ordering this product. We have a SIMPLE bleed orifice modification available if needed to allow any naturally occurring "air" to pass as it does in any normal system We have had zero air related issues with this bleed installed." - JK

"It has been proven by numerous revisions of the OEM filter that fuel quality and filtration levels are not up to the task of protecting your fuel system. Running this dirty fuel through our Duramax engines has caused many premature injection system failures. Secondary fuel filtration ensures that we will give these components the best chance for a long, and healthy life!" - JK

"Always carry a spare filter for both the factory, and the auxilliary unit at all times, and use a quality emulsifying conditioner like FPPF Total Power at every fill-up. Check out the Filtermag as a great addition to your improved filtration!" - JK

Sale Price: $275.00
Air box tray for Dmax-Mega filter installation

This replacement air box support tray makes the Mega filter install a no drill operation and allows easy install on LBZ, LMM, and LML trucks. Heavy 12 ga stainless steel.

MEGA Fuel Filter Replacement Element-Duramax

This is the long spin on replacement element with the drain valve for the Duramax MEGA Fuel Filter kit. Elements are typically good for 30k plus miles as a secondary element.

"Our filter restriction test gauge is a very handy tool to track filter life. I also suggest using a good quality additive like our FPPF Total Power to ensure no free water can stand inside the filter and cause corrosion." -JK

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