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ATS Level 2 Allison Transmission Upgrade Kit

Engines producing more than 375 HP require additional modifications to be made to eliminate both 3rd and 5th gear slippage. These problems are addressed with ATS valve body modifications and the use of the ATS 1000 Commander™.

The ATS 1000 Commander™ is an electronic controller that controls the Allison valve body, the engagement of the TripleLok™ lock-up clutches and will also control an exhaust brake. In addition to contolling the Allison 1000 valve body to eliminate 3rd and 5th gear slippage, the ATS 1000 Commander™ allows the user to set a predifined speed for TripleLok™ lockup and exhause brake engagement. Unlike typical exhause brake controllers, The ATS 1000 Commander™ automatically disengages the exhaust brake at idle. No more flipping switches! Set it and forget it! Anyone can drive your truck.

In order to correct the 5th gear slip condition the valve body must be additionally modified as follows:

  1. Add the ATS auxiliary valve body that houses two additional solenoids.
  2. Install the ATS 1000 electronic controller and wiring harness. The ATS 1000 electronic controller controls the ATS auxiliary valve body, the engagement of the TripleLok™ lock-up clutches and will also control an exhaust brake.

The ATS Level 2 upgrade kit builds on the Level 1 kit, and installation of the Level 1 kit is required before installing the Level 2 kit. Installation of the ATS Level 2 kit for the Allison 1000 transmission will enable you to get your Duramax power to the ground with no tranny slippage!

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Item Name: ATS Copilot kit for 01-05 Allison 1000 Duramax
Category: Transmission
Sub-Category: Chev/GMC - Transmission
Price: $1,095.00

Easily installed within the transmission pan for a modest boost in your transmission's holding ability. This will net you between 50 and 100HP of ADDITIONAL holding power depending on the condition of your existing clutches.

"Includes Kennedy Diesel exclusive Map Tap harness to simplify connection to the factory boost sensor signal without splicing of any wires." - JK

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