Dmax with 3,000# load in bed

Dmax with 17,000# trailer stack 13'2"high

"To date, the heaviest/hardest thing that I pulled was this 17k stack of trailers 13'2" in the air. This was in the "pre-pulse" days when all we had was pressure type boxes! This would have been a much easier pull with the Juice installed. It pulled just fine up to about 45 mph, but anything above that took a little coaxing. If you've never experienced a load like this, you probably don't want to. My mpg was 6.8 and 7.5 for the loaded part of this trip from Dell Rapids SD across MN to Loyal. The wind gets ahold of every corner, and in between the trailers making it pull harder than a full van body as you never get a good "slip stream" going"... - JK