RETRAX Retractable Bed Cover

Engineering with Style
The RETRAX™ glides back and forth in a low-profile rail system made from high-strength tempered aluminum for years of rugged use. Rubber trim on the rails protects your paint and seals against the pickup. The rail system was engineered to provide a clean, finished look that transitions the RETRAX™ into the lines of your pickup for an unbeatable custom appearance.

Quality You can Feel
Open a RETRAX™ and you will immediately be impressed at the way it smoothly glides back and forth at your slightest touch.  Sealed ball-bearing rollers mounted into the aluminum support beams allow the cover to retract or close effortlessly without the use of springs or any kind of mechanism.  No moving parts to jam, freeze, or fail. The compact storage canister contains a track system that prevents the cover from touching itself as it retracts.

Solid Dependability
Tempered aluminum support beams imbedded into the polycarbonate sheet add strength to support heavy snow loads and insure quiet, stable travel at any speed.  The rigid design of the RETRAX™ improves the aerodynamics of your pickup for an increase of approximately 10% in your gas mileage.

Engineered Tough
The RETRAX™ pick up truck bed cover is manufactured from polycarbonate, a virtually indestructible thermoplastic commonly known as LEXAN®.  This rigid, one piece sheet is engineered to retract without joints or hinges that can trap dust, wear out, or freeze.  Polycarbonate has excellent impact resistance and is unaffected by sun, moisture, or temperatures from -50 to +200°. 

RETRAX™ has a mirror-like black finish that adds a new dimension of beauty to your pickup.  Our engineers took the same polymer technology used in fighter jet windshields and designed a bed cover that withstands the most rugged use.  The RETRAX™ is backed by a one-year warranty


$895 most long beds
$845 most short beds
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