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Each kit is complete with a 12-volt compressor, gauge dash panel with inflate and deflate controls, all electrical connections, air lines, fittings, low pressure sensor, and a detailed, illustrated installation manual.

(Kit contents vary by application.)

Load Controller II systems are economically priced for less demanding applications, such as the occasional and light duty haulers and towers. To assist in kit longevity, a Low Pressure Sensor is included in the Load Controller II kits to assure that minimum unloaded pressure is maintained at all times, with or without a load.

Specific Use:

  • Designed for occasional and light duty applications.
  • Ideal for the homeowner and the outdoorsmen, towing small trailers, and towing boats.
  • Offered in both dual and single gauge systems:
    • The Dual Gauge systems are recommended for all pickups with campers, and full size vans. This would also be a good selection on any vehicle when a left/right leveling correction is desired for light vehicles with part time use or only occasional adjustment is required like weekend camping.
    • The Single Gauge systems are recommended for all passenger cars, SUVs, mini vans, and most pickup truck applications when the load is centered and only occasional use is required.

Features and Benefits Dual Gauge Load Controller II, P/N 25812:

  • Fully independent to allow for individual changes to help correct body roll and rock.
  • Individual controls allow for separate pressures in the left and right air springs, letting you level the vehicle side-to-side in the rear.
  • Corrections for as much as 3″-4″ can be made from side-to-side in order to level the vehicle. This is particularly helpful when leveling an off-center load.
  • Air adjustability right from the dash of your vehicle, up to 100 p.s.i. for maximum roll stability.
  • Improved handling and cornering on rough uneven roads, sharp curves, high and cross winds, and lane changes.
  • Two year limited warranty.

Features and Benefits Single Gauge Load Controller II, P/N 25592:

  • Single gauge for even filling and exhausting of both air bags.
  • Air adjustability right from the dash of your vehicle, up to 100 p.s.i. for maximum roll stability.
  • Two year limited warranty.