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    TD-Max Performance Chip for 94 and 95 6.5l trucks

    Price: $350.00

    Exclusive programming produced in house by Kennedy Diesel alters Fueling, Timing, Boost, Transmission shift, extended glow plug duration for better starts, and revised idle speed for smoother operation. No need for additional boost controllers.

    In order to produce the correct chip We will need to know the following:Pump model number (5067, 5068, 5288, 5459, or 5521)

    Transmission type (auto or manual)

    Desired level of performance: Performance Tow or Max Effort

    "Forget HP claims and hype. The 6.5 does not gain 80HP from a chip. All BS aside, my customers and myself have tested mine against the others and came out on top!"-JK

    In the interest of preserving this product line into the future using the preferred OE blanks I need to get a core return from all orders. A $200 core fee will be applied at time of purchase and will be credited back ONLY IF core is returned within 15 days or other arrangements are made.

    Category: 6.2/6.5 GM
    Sub-Category: Chips
    Sub-Category: 94-95 ODB1

    Core charge 6.5 Eprom chip

    Price: $200.00

    It is my preference to use the OE eprom blanks as they have proven to be ultra reliable for decades now and cannot be plugged in reversed by accident. Unfortunately the supply of new blanks has been exhausted at GM and my supply is dwindling so we absolutely need the cores exchanged. if you are not able to send yours in advance to be programmed then please select this item and add to cart. -JK

    Category: 6.2/6.5 GM
    Sub-Category: Fuel System
    Sub-Category: Injection pumps
    Sub-Category: Electronic

    Core charge 6.5 Eprom chip

    Price: $200.00
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