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Important Information Please Read

This Tech Tip has been written in an attempt to educate and minimize time spent on the phone discussing something that shouldn't be so complicated. My Tech support of the EGR system begins and ends with this suggestion: EGR Disable. This is handled via ECM Programming. Please understand if you call and ask about EGR blocker or delete installation or EGR system troubleshooting I will not be able to help.

Duramax EGR Blocker vs. EGR Disable vs. EGR Delete

Warning: Emissions tampering is unlawful on any motor vehicle used for on road purposes in the US.

EGR Blocker(Does NOT work with EGR delete and has NO tech support whatsoever)

We offer the EGR Blocker packages as a cheap "band aid" approach to take care of these issues. That is not to say this is a bad option, it's just the old way and requires a functioning EGR motor and position sensor to remain in place and operational in order to function properly. The Blocker package consists of 2 components. The Finger Stick (named after its creator Jon aka "Fingers") and a stainless steel blocker plate to prevent flow of exhaust through the EGR cooler. Installation involves cutting and soldering of your engine's wiring harness along with insertion of the blocker plate between the EGR cooler and the vehicle exhaust system. The EGR blockers have proven over time to be quite effective, but we have seen plenty of the EGR motors fail requiring replacement or upgrade to programming to fix. This often makes this mod a pay me now or pay me later type of proposition. ECM programming has made the blocker packages more or less obsolete for well over a decade now.

EGR Disable (The best solution and the only one that I support hands down)

This is simplest and most permanently effective way of dealing with EGR related issues. The operation of the EGR is simply ceased within the ECM programming. With this mod even if the EGR motor or position sensor fails there are no resulting issues or codes set. It will never give you grief and there is no invasive wiring, blocking, or component removal. This is accomplished with the Kennedy Custom Programming. The Kennedy Custom programming can be loaded direct to your ECM OR we offer a core exchange option. This is not just for the EGR it is a complete tune for improved performance, drivability, and economy. In short it does it all.

EGR Delete (Requires EGR disable programming of ECM)

This one has been growing in popularity as of late and is a key source of frustration on my part. People tend use the term EGR delete universally for any mod relating to the EGR. Then some unsuspecting "diesel newbie" hears this and goes out and orders an EGR delete kit not knowing what he/she is in for. EGR delete by my definition is complete removal of system components which is a highly invasive and unnecessary procedure. It also requires ECM programming to deal with the DTC's associated with removal of the EGR motor. Essentially an EGR delete removes the EGR valve/motor assembly along with the EGR cooler etc. It requires serious plumbing changes to the exhaust and intake and in my opinion is only advisable for the hard core racer.