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AMSOIL Air Filters
AMSOIL Reusable Foam Air Filters Oil-wetted foam improves performance and fuel efficiency by trapping more dirt and allowing better air flow. Washable and reusable for thousands of trouble-free miles. Reapply Foam Filter Oil after every washing. Product Code: TS
  • More Air Flow
  • Traps More Dirt
  • Improves Performance


  • Cleanable and re-usable – saves money on replacement filters
  • Full-depth filtration – stops and holds more dirt than conventional paper air filters
  • Improves airflow characteristics – up to 50% more air flow than pleated-paper
  • Helps extend engine life – effectively eliminates wear-causing airborne contaminants


AMSOIL oil-wetted foam air filters keep oils and engines cleaner for longer periods with the most effective air filtration available today. AMSOIL air filters provide superior performance in all three critical areas of filtration: efficiency (dirt-stopping), capacity (dirt-holding) and resistance (air flow). AMSOIL air filters are uniquely designed to hold wear-causing dirt while allowing only clean air into the engine for better performance, better fuel economy, lower exhaust emissions and longer engine life. Also, AMSOIL air filters are washable and reusable for thousands of miles of trouble-free service. Tests prove AMSOIL air filters have up to 350 percent greater life expectancy than competitive air filters. The AMSOIL TS Air Filter, for passenger vehicles, features two layers of oil-wetted polyurethane foam, which provides a network of interlocking cells that trap particles yet allow a constant flow of clean intake air for outstanding engine protection and performance. The AMSOIL POD Air Filter, for small engines, features an oil-wetted foam filter element and an inner spring that shakes dirt off the filter and harmlessly away from the engine.

Provide Full-Depth Filtration

AMSOIL TS and POD Air Filters are “full-depth” filters that trap and hold much more dirt than do conventional “surface-type” filters. The polyurethane foam used in AMSOIL Air Filters is much thicker than the thin layer of paper used in conventional filters. The foam’s thickness allows for more filtering area and more capacity to trap dirt over a longer period of time.

Improve Air Flow

AMSOIL air filters allow more air into the engine than conventional air filters do and better maintain their air flow over the life of the filter. The intake surface of conventional paper filters quickly becomes obstructed with dirt, which impedes air flow. AMSOIL air filters distribute dirt throughout the foam depth, allowing unobstructed air intake to the engine.

Form Tight Seal

The flexible polyurethane foam of AMSOIL air filters provides a consistent, tight seal between filter and housing. Unlike conventional filters, which often fail to seal properly due to their hard rubber seal, the foam of AMSOIL air filters conforms to irregularities on the bottom and top of the housing, forming a tight seal when the housing is secured. Intake air must go through the filter before reaching the carburetor.


AMSOIL air filters are available for most car and small engine applications. The AMSOIL “Oil and Air Filters Application Guide” (G-194) is a comprehensive reference guide covering most makes and models of automobiles and light trucks. If you cannot find an AMSOIL air filter to fit your application, please call the AMSOIL Technical Services Department at (715) 392-7101 for availability and price quotes on filters to fit your application. The AMSOIL POD Air Filter is suited for applications such as motorcycles, rototillers, small garden tractors, lawn mowers or farm implement equipment. The AMSOIL POD Air Filter is adjustable to fit carburetor throats ranging from 1 to 1-7/8 inches. It also has a special adapter for Briggs & Stratton carburetors. Other throat sizes are available. G44_bar.gif (15442 bytes)


The service life of AMSOIL air filters can be extended indefinitely when the following procedures are performed. For normal driving conditions, service AMSOIL Air Filter every 25,000 miles or one year, whichever comes first.
  1. Remove AMSOIL air filter from air filter housing.
  2. Wipe housing free of dirt and debris.
  3. Carefully remove polyurethane foam from metal cage of AMSOIL air filter. (Note: foam is not removable on planar-style filters.)
  4. Wash polyurethane foam in detergent and water (Alternate method: Wash filter in parts cleaning solution). Rinse in clean water. Allow foam to dry thoroughly.
  5. Apply AMSOIL Foam Filter Oil liberally on polyurethane foam. Squeeze foam repeatedly until oil penetrates its entire thickness. AMSOIL Foam Filter Oil is specifically formulated for AMSOIL air filters. It is designed to trap and hold dirt effectively, even in temperature extremes.
  6. Blot excess oil from polyurethane foam and reinstall foam on metal cage.
  7. Reinstall AMSOIL air filter into air filter housing. Be sure the label is attached to the outside of the filter housing.
To install a deflector (if included with filter):
  1. Install at either positive cranking ventilation (PCV) inlet or air inlet to filter housing (where applicable).
  2. Install deflector under edge of polyurethane foam only. Do not push deflector under metal cage.