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FSD Cooler Installation

The Term FSD (Fuel System Driver) is used in place of PMD (Pump Mounted Driver) because of the relocation of the device from the side of the pump, to the intake manifold.

  1. Remove the plastic manifold cover by removing four bolts.

  2. On the driver’s side, remove two bolts connecting the upper and lower intake manifold.

  3. On the driver’s side, disconnect the FSD wiring harness from the injection pump mounted FSD – disengage the locking device of the conector and push it off. Pull up the wiring harness connector.

  4. Mount the supplied washers on the supplied screws – convex side facing up. Place the supplied heat transfer pad on the FSD and insert the screws with washers into the FSD. With the FSD connector facing towards the FSD COOLER’s mounting holes, align the screws with the holes in the FSD COOLER and tighten to 2.75 N*m (23 lb/in). Do not over tighten the screws. The cooling capacity can be improved even further by removing the two plastic covers located in the recessed sections of the FSD.

  5. Install the resistor in the FSD connector, either purchased seperately or using the existing resistor. You may use a mirror to see the number on the existing resistor if the old PMD is still attached to the pump.

  6. Connect the FSD wiring harness connector to the new FSD.

  7. Mount the FSD cooler to the intake manifold. Use the bolts supplied and tighten to 23 N*m (17 lb/ft). See the previous page for a picture of an installed FSD cooler.

    We recommend that the plastic cover not be reinstalled. It will not fit without modification. The removal of the cover improves the cooling of the upper part of the engine and makes the fuel filter assessable for service. The cover can be modified to fit by cutting.

    Note: A previously installed FSD has a calibating resistor installed in the connector.

FSD is marketed by STANADYNE #34583 and GM #12562836
The FSD is named PMD (Pump Mounted Driver) by STANADYNE
Resistors with lower values (less fuel supply) can be obtained from STANADYNE and GM