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Headlight Booster Kit Installation Instructions

Headlight Booster Install Schematic (pdf)

The following is a pictoral overview of a typical HB kit installation. Keep in mind there is really no right or wrong way to install so long as the proper connections are made and the wires are safely routed.

Power Connection

This can be done at the alternator output stud (shown), battery positive terminal, fuse/relay center, or jump start terminal. Where you draw your power from will determine the direction in which the wires are routed, and where the relays are mounted.

Relay Location

Near Side Connection

Far Side Connection

On the side nearest the relays you will have 4 connections. The OE headlight connectors will plug into the HB harness, and the HB harness will plug ontoi the headlights. The wiring is passed across to the far side headlamps where the OE wires are no longer used and the HB kit plugs into the headlights again. You will also have individual grounds at each set of lights. These should be attached to a clean chassis ground. Silicone dielectric grease (spark plug boot grease) can be used on these, and any other connection to prevent corrosion.


A diode plug is furnished with most kits which will, when installed give 4 light high beams by keeping the low beams lit along with the highs.

Headlight Booster Install Schematic (pdf)

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