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Headlight Booster F.A.Q.

Will this kit affect the normal operation of the auto headlamps, daytime running lights, fog/driving lamps or snow plow lights?

No, because the HB kit installs on the outputs of the factory harness, it only affects the headlamps themselves, assuring that the maximum system voltage gets to the lamps. If you desire operation with the snow plow lamps, you will either need a second kit, OR plug the HB kit outputs into the plow lamps.

Why does only the RH or left hand side light up? Why does one side only dimly glow? Why do I only get high beams, but no low beams or visa-versa?

Typically, all of the problems that I have seen can be traced back to two main problem areas: 1) Poor grounds. If the headlamp grounds are not completed properly, the lights will not receive the full voltage, thus the no/glow situation. Verify the ground resistance by probing the HB kit terminal and the battery negative terminal with a multi-meter to ensure that you have less than 10 ohms resistance. 2) Bent pins. Inside the female connectors (headlight bulbs and harness feed plugs) are free standing pins. If one of these pins gets bent during installation, or becomes unseated, the circuit cannot be completed. Check for bent/unseated pins and adjust as necessary.

How do I make the 4 lamp high beam feature work?

Included in the kit is a small packet containing relay mounting screws and a black plastic plug that contains a diode. There is also a small diagram showing how to insert this plug. There are basically only two ways to do this. One will get you the results you want and the other will not. The orientation is based on model year and whether the truck is switching on the negative side or the positive side of the circuit. Typically, the late model GM (99-present Silverado/Sierra etc) switch the negative side while the early (90 through 2000 C/K series) switch the positive side.

Do I need to upgrade my bulbs with this kit?

No, but you will see a remarkable improvement with my Phillips Rally bulbs. There are others that claim improved light output through coatings, gasses, etc. but I have yet to see anything come close to these.

Will the High wattage bulbs melt my housings on high beam?

No, I have not yet seen this happen when using the 70w low and 100w high beams from Phillips. I have not tried any higher output bulbs than these.

Are the Phillips Rally bulbs DOT approved?

No, they are not. They are legal for off road use only, but since the light is clear, they are virtually undetectable when in use. I won’t tell if you don’t… 😉

Can I run 100w bulbs in all positions?

No, the housings are “keyed” to only allow the 9005 in the high beam position only.

Does this kit fit the Denali with the projector beam lamps?

Yes, but it is a special harness. The Denali uses all four 9005 lamps with reflectors in front of the low beams. These reflectors bounce the light back off of the main housing reflectors which direct the light to the road ahead.

Will the 70 watt low beams get me “flashed” by oncoming traffic thinking that I have my high beams on?

No, as long as the housings are not aimed excessively high, I have not had a problem with this, nor have my customers. Proper aiming is something that can have a profound affect on your lighting pattern. Form the factory, the lights are pretty close, but as one alters the ride height of the vehicle or adds a load to the bed, headlight aim should be checked. I try to keep my headlights aimed at 1° down and .5° or 1° out, or towards the curb. This will help avoid glaring oncoming traffic, yet still give the best headlamp performance.

How long do the Phillips Rally bulbs last?

I typically run my lights automatically just like a motorcycle. I have done this by covering the auto headlight sensor on the dash. I have seen approximately 12 months of service from my low beams doing this. I have had customers lose low beam bulbs at an early fail rate of 6 months, but the average seems to be 8 months plus. To me, once you have experienced the increase in light output you will realize that this is a small price to pay for safety and security of the vastly improved lighting. Bulbs can be changed without tools in a mater of minutes.