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6.5 Injectors (NA56x) Short body set of 8

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These injectors are either reman with new Bosch nozzles.No corners cut. Return of matching cores in good condition within 30 days is required or a non refundable $10 per injector will be applied.

Trucks: 1982 to ABOUT 1988 used the long body injectors, but the changeover point was somewhat vague as some 1988 trucks had the new cab/body style, while others had the old body style. Using the cab/body style is a pretty fair way of telling. The long and short body injectors WILL interchange. It is the vans (all years) and turbocharged trucks that need the short injector for clearance. – JK

Category: 6.2/6.5 GM
Sub-Category: Fuel System
Sub-Category: Injectors

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