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Boost Valve for Dmax LB7

Price: $95.00
Sale Price: $79.00

The KD Boost Valve is a simple device that installs in the wastegate hose simply and easily. It eliminates boost pressure from the wastegate actuator until a preset level is reached, at which point it begins to deliver a lesser psi. By doing this, the turbo uses more of the exhaust to drive the compressor rather than allowing peak drive psi to escape. The result is much quicker turbo spool up and a potential increase in peak boost pressure. The device comes preset to a safe level near stock depending on programming and engine breathing capabilities. Simply cut the wastegate hose and insert the valve with the bleed hole on the wastegate end. To increase boost you will shorten the overall length and to decrease you will lengthen it. To come back to start point, adjust so that the overall unit is approximately 3″ long.

Simpler than installing an aftermarket wastegate canister, and much easier to adjust. With proper adjustment, it can be used in conjunction with aftermarket wastegates as well.

“The use of this device requires a mechanical boost gauge plumbed to intake pressure to monitor boost and verify calibration. Databus reading devices are not always accurate and limited by the boost sensor’s output capability therefore a plumbed gauge is recommended. Boost pressures over 30 psi can push the turbocharger to overspeed conditions so proceed with caution If a full turn on the valve does not show an appreciable gain then stop as there is not enough fuel in your tuning to make more boost Always adjust the valve with the largest tuning that you run.” -JK

Category: Duramax 6.6
Sub-Category: Boost Control
Sub-Category: Duramax LB7

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