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Deluxe FSD Cooler Package-72 inch

Price: $495.00
Sale Price: $395.00

Give your electronically injected 6.5 increased reliability and better serviceability!

Kit includes everything you need: FSD Cooler, New FSD(PMD module), Calibration resistor #5 (#9 optional), and 40″ remote extension harness. Individual items available separately in alternate listings.

“Please print the Kennedy FSD Cooler Installation instructions from my web site.”
– JK

“It is my recommendation to start fresh with a new driver on the cooler and to remove the entire unit from the influences of direct radiating engine heat. By using the Deluxe FSD Package you are giving your DS-4 pump and driver module the best chance at a long life and starting fresh with new components that have never been exposed to heat.”
– JK

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Sub-Category: FSD Cooler
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The FSD Cooler

Don't Give up on your 6.5 yet!

Contrary to what you might have heard, the fuel injection pump on GM's 6.5 litre diesel is actually a very well constructed and durable unit.

The failure that most 6.5 owners experience is not with the pump, but rather with the PMD or Pump Mounted Driver. We like to call it the Fuel Solenoid Driver, or FSD. This is an electronic driver that mounts on the side of the injection pump.

When in operation, the FSD gives off a great deal of heat. It is mounted on the side of the injection pump in order to dissipate the heat, by using the flow of the diesel fuel through the injection pump. Unfortunately, this does not work well, and the heat build up will cause trouble in several ways:

  • The FSD cannot withstand the excessive heat and fails
  • Failure of the Optical sensor within the injection pump may occur due to excessive heat, as well the heat transferred to the fuel causes it to lose lubricating qualities resulting in mechanical pump failure

Our FSD cooler allows the FSD to be remotely mounted, and to be cooled by airflow. Because it is no longer located in the V of the engine, it does not transfer its heat into the injection pump, but rather into the atmosphere. Because of this new location, if you ever need to change the FSD again, you will save at least three and a half hours of labor, because the intake manifold no longer has to be removed.

Depending on operating conditions, tests have proven that the FSD cooler will reduce operating temperature of the FSD by up to 58 degrees Celsius, or 136 degrees Fahrenheit. Imagine how this will save your injection pump, as well as giving you better fuel economy by maintaining the density of your diesel fuel. It will also greatly extend the life of your injection pump because the FSD will allow diesel fuel to retain its lubricating qualities by keeping it cool.

Used in conjunction with FPPF Total Power diesel additive, which increases lubricity of fuel and removes water, the FSD cooler will extend the life of your injection pump and restore the reliability of your vehicle.