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EZ Oil Drain model EZ107H

Price: $26.95

Fits MOST GM gas engines and some 1998 and later 6.5l engines as well as the 2017+ Duramax L5P.

“The GM 6.5 could have either SAE or metric plug. To determine which valve you need, it is best to check the thread pitch, but you can also tell by the size of the head on the plug provided it is not rounded or damaged. If it is 9/16″ then you most likely have the 1/2″ NF plug (EZ101H) and if it is 15mm, then it is likely the 12mm 1.75 pitch (EZ107H)” – JK

Applications for most any Domestic and Import vehicles as well as Industrial applications available.

“We equip these valves with the hose end as standard equipment. It is not necessary to use a hose. Having the nipple controls the flow and extends it further away to prevent splashing.” -JK

Category: Truck Accessories
Sub-Category: EZ Oil Drain

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