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Fingers Stick only for Dmax LLY 04.5-05

Price: $55.00

This product cannot be shipped to California

This is the electronic emulator part only.

“Works on 04.5-05 LLY Dmax engines only. The 2006 LLY uses LBZ package. If you are not sure which engine you have, please back up a page and read my notes.” -JK

“The Fingers Stick EGR emulator was designed to work in conjunction with a blocked EGR system with the EGR motor intact and operational. If your EGR motor is removed it will likely not work. If the EGR system is functional (not blocked) it will not perform properly” -JK

“This item is sold “as is” no warranty/no returns and is offered for purchase only through the online store. It is considered a “self service” item with no phone or other tech support provided. Please view the Blocker Package FAQ page as well as Instructions PRIOR to ordering to make sure it will work with your application. We do not include any print instructions with your shipment. All of the information that you need should be linked below.” -JK

Installation Instructions

EGR Blocker vs. EGR Disable vs. EGR Delete

Blocker Package FAQ

“When ordered separately, we generally ship these via USPS Priority Mail on US orders. UPS shipping is available by request in Shipping Instructions. Tracking notices are sent automatically via email when your order ships. No additional tracking detail will be provided except in the event of a missing shipment.” -JK

Category: Duramax 6.6
Sub-Category: EGR
Sub-Category: EGR Blocker
Sub-Category: 2004.5-2005 LLY

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