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Fleece high pressure lines LB7-set of 8

Price: $399.00

Set of 8 brand new Fleece injector supply lines lines. Replace all 8 when doing your injectors. Yes they are expensive, but note that pile of rusty crap that you found in the injector inlet came from these lines. Rust and debris will build up between the line nut and the line even in the gentlest of climates. When the nut is turned will grind up this debris which will run down into the injector inlet bowl. Cleaning is impossible to do properly and any media blasting will leave embedded debris that will dislodge over time. New lines are plated to resist this rusting, but a good preventative after installation will help protect even further.

Category: Duramax 6.6
Sub-Category: Injectors
Sub-Category: Injectors LB7

SKU: #810