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Fuel System Calibration Resistor #9

Price: $25.00

Available in values of 1-9, but stocked in #5 and #9. These resistors are used by the pump assembler to fine tune the fuel delivery rate. For performance applications where gauges are used to monitor exhaust temps, a #9 will provide a slight increase in fuel delivery. For most applications, a #5 is recommended.

FSD Connector and Resistor Interchange

“Due to the fact that the engine computer looks up and stores this information indefinitely, ANY adjust on the fly fuel controller will do
ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Aside from that, with a range of 4 steps above the std #5 combined with a .5mm change in fuel delivery you can only get a 2mm increase which is quite insignificant”…
– JK

Category: 6.2/6.5 GM
Sub-Category: FSD Cooler
Sub-Category: Resistors

SKU: #257