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Head Gasket Kit for Dmax LB7 01-04

Price: $475.00

Fits 2001-2004 Duramax LB7 only.

Kit contains all of the common gaskets and oring seals normally replaced in a head gasket job. We have never replaced the lower rubber valve cover gaskets unless destroyed so we have omitted them from this kit. Kit includes 2 grade C head gaskets, exhaust manifold and up pipe gaskets, injector install coppers, orings, and return seals, themostat housing gaskets as well as orings for heater, hot pipe, and bypass tube, EGR gaskets, intake flat rings and orings along with a tube of AC Delco sealant for the intake manifold to head.

“We do not use the latest GM/LML style head gaskets in our kits. I believe that the LML style gasket is a cost cutting measure and that the riveted version of the original style gasket was and still is the best so this is what we provide.” -JK

Recommended additions: ARP Head studs, thermostat pair, water pump with welded impeller and gear, and glow plugs

Category: Duramax 6.6
Sub-Category: Head Gaskets
Sub-Category: Gasket Kits

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