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KD Custom ECM programming for Duramax LLY

Price: $695.00

All tunes are built as dual mode switchable but as these vehicles age I recommend not adding a switch. The tuning will default to the lower HP level which should be plenty safe for a stock transmission. The higher HP will push the limits of the stock transmission. Typical tune sets are 50 HP econ/tow and 80 HP performance tune. While I make no claims or promises, the 50HP economy tune has been producing very consistent economy numbers at around 19-20mpg and even higher for single rear wheel trucks. DSP2 switch sold separately.

Installation Instructions and Product Review

“This item requires your ECM be sent in OR exchange ECM can be provided.” – JK

Dyno Plot

Race Dyno Plot

When comparing dyno numbers, please note that my dyno plots do NOT use correction factors. These are no BS dyno runs with no inflation to make sales. -JK

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