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Kennedy Lift Pump for 6.5

Price: $225.00

Same pump that we use on the Duramax with special fitttings to plumb directly into the OE lines. This should be the last lift pump you ever buy!

“Please note that this pump is a centrifugal design. It will not prime itself upon installation and requires a leak free system so as not to lose it’s prime. If you do not understand this, your system is not leak free, or you are unwilling to make it leak free please DO NOT purchase this product. The best way to prime/bleed it is by applying light pressure to the tank with the filter bleeder open OR via suction from a hand vacuum pump (Mighty vac) or oil suction gun applied to the filter drain hose. Once this has been done start the engine with the pump off and run or drive for a bit then apply power. The 6.5 should run without an operating lift pump albeit with possibly reduced performance. If not the system has a leak.” -JK

Category: 6.2/6.5 GM
Sub-Category: Fuel System
Sub-Category: Lift Pumps

SKU: #415