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Kennedy lift pump

Price: $195.00

These compact little pumps are just what is needed to keep a steady supply of low pressure fuel available at the inlet of your injection pump at all times. They are nearly silent in operation as well as being seal-less, brushless and leak proof. The centrifugal design eliminates the need to prefilter the fuel for the pump’s sake, and will not generate wear particles as there is no metal to metal contact taking place. Flow across an inactive pump is virtually unrestricted and average life expectancy is 40,000+ hrs. Each pump produces approximately 4 psi and they can be easily compounded. A high flow pickup and supply line (available separately) is recommended for best results. Inlet and outlet ports are 1/2″ NPT female. There is also an oring boss so that two pumps can be joined via thru bolts. All hardware is stainless steel and pump head is anodized aluminum.

“I have been running this unit in both single and dual configuration on my 2002 Dmax for several years now. The single unit keeps up easily to 450+ RWHP levels and those who want more can easily compound them.” -JK

Backed by a 2yr warranty!

Installation Instructions

Category: Duramax 6.6
Sub-Category: Lift Pumps
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Kennedy Diesel Duramax lift pump

The Kennedy lift pump(s) can be installed as single or dual units. Dual units are coupled easily with thru-bolts and sealed with a single o-ring. Pump(s) can be mounted to most any flat vertical or horizontal surface. Plumbing can be inserted in place of a single OEM hose without cutting of any lines. Removing this hose section also eliminates two single oring push connect fittings which can be prone to leaking.

Pump mounted to fuel tank shield

Pump mounted to overhead (2004+ only) bracket