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Kennedy TCM for 01-05 Allison 1000 transmissions

Price: $600.00

This is a special TCM file that has been proven to improve track times. We will be programming customer units for exchange, or we can often supply a good used core. It is in no way a custom tune. It is simply Allison programming that we have customized and found to work very well. Shift speed programming runs much like the Tow Haul mode on the factory TCM. Shifts are generally much firmer as the TCC remains locked during upshift and downshift operations. Easily swapped in a matter of minutes. Overdrive lockout will not function and 2001/2 trucks will likely not show the gear position highlight when shifted to OD on the selector. It will be in gear, the highlight will just go blank.

“This TCM begins service with a clean slate memory. It has no adaptive data and therefore will likely shift extremely aggressive until it adapts to your vehicle. Test Driver Pat McSwain (aka McRat) has reported consistent .15 to .20 second improvement in E.T. by simply swapping in this module. He keeps the Kennedy TCM out of service for daily driving and swaps in at the track. This keeps the TCM adaptives nice and crisp and prevents it from picking up any bad manners (lazy shifts) on the street. Brandon Meyers (aka BMDMAX) and myself use this same TCM day today on our 2002 trucks. I also prefer to use this TCM for Truck Pulling in my 2002” -JK

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