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Kennedy Twin pumps

Price: $395.00

Twin Kennedy lift pumps coupled together via thru-bolts and oring seal ready to install. Running as twin pumps will compound the delivery pressure putting you at approx 6-7 psi max. It’s not so much pressure that we are after, it is volume at a given pressure. The KD twin pumps will keep up with about anything you can throw at them maintaining positive pressure at the inlet of the injection pump!

Installation Instructions

Category: Duramax 6.6
Sub-Category: Lift Pumps
Sub-Category: Pumps Only

SKU: #414


Kennedy Diesel Duramax lift pump

The Kennedy lift pump(s) can be installed as single or dual units. Dual units are coupled easily with thru-bolts and sealed with a single o-ring. Pump(s) can be mounted to most any flat vertical or horizontal surface. Plumbing can be inserted in place of a single OEM hose without cutting of any lines. Removing this hose section also eliminates two single oring push connect fittings which can be prone to leaking.

Pump mounted to fuel tank shield

Pump mounted to overhead (2004+ only) bracket