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Load Controller I

Price: $475.00

Extra heavy duty compressor kit with dual controls.

Used primarily in motorhome applications or wherever frequent, large volume air pressure increases are required. – JK

Category: Suspension
Sub-Category: Air Bags
Sub-Category: Compressor Kits

SKU: #152


Each kit is complete with a 12-volt compressor, gauge dash panel with inflate and deflate controls, all electrical connections, air lines, fittings, and a detailed, illustrated installation manual.

(Kit contents vary by application.)

Load Controller I systems are designed for heavy and/or frequent users, which includes all motorhome rear applications. Load Controller I offers twice the flow of our light duty compressor system, Load Controller II, meaning that the bags fill in half the time!

Specific Use:

  • Designed for heavy duty applications, such as motorhomes, towing fifth wheels, hauling heavy loads, and commercial use.
  • Ideal for Class A and C motorhomes.
  • Offered in both dual and single gauge systems:
    • The Dual Gauge systems are recommended for all motorhome rear kits, heavy pickup campers and contractor vehicles where bias loads and frequent use is common.
    • The Single Gauge systems are recommended for all heavy duty and frequent use applications and centered loads. Common applications for the single gauge systems are: towing heavy horse trailers, towing race car trailers, and contractor vehicles.

Features and Benefits Dual Gauge Load Controller I, P/N 25651 (shown in photo above):

  • Fully independent to allow for individual changes to help correct body roll and rock.
  • Individual controls allow for separate pressures in the left and right air springs, letting you level the vehicle side-to-side in the rear.
  • Corrections for as much as 3"-4" can be made from side-to-side in order to level the vehicle. This is particularly helpful when leveling your RV on a campsite.
  • Air adjustability right from the dash of your vehicle, up to 100 p.s.i. for maximum roll stability.
  • Improved handling and cornering on rough uneven roads, sharp curves, high and cross winds, and lane changes.
  • One year limited warranty.

Features and Benefits Single Gauge Load Controller I, P/N 25655:

  • Single gauge for even filling and exhausting of both air bags.
  • Air adjustability right from the dash of your vehicle, up to 100 p.s.i. for maximum roll stability.
  • One year limited warranty.