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Performance ECM programming for GM 6.5 trucks

Price: $575.00

Exclusive programming produced in house by Kennedy Diesel alters Fueling, Timing, Boost, Auto transmission shift firmness, and increased glow plug time for better starts. No need for additional boost controllers. This is an exchange program, please select one of the core options listed below or we will need for you to send your unit in advance.

Available for 1996-up Trucks, Suburbans, Blazer/Tahoe, and Humvees in Performance Tow, and Max Effort calibrations.

“Must specify vehicle, transmission type, VIN, and as much detail as possible so that I may produce the performance level desired. Forget HP claims and hype. The 6.5 does not gain 80HP from a chip. All BS aside, my customers and myself have tested mine against the others and came out on top”- JK

Category: 6.2/6.5 GM
Sub-Category: Chips
Sub-Category: 96+ ODB2

SKU: #362