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Pitman/Idler support kit for Silverado 1500 6 lug models

Price: $252.00

Fits 1500 6 lug trucks including Yukon, Tahoe, and Suburban using either Factory OR Aftermarket arms.

This kit contains one idler (pictured) and one pitman arm support bracket kit only. They are relatively easily installed bolt on parts, and really work well whether you race, tow, pull, or just drive casually. Especially beneficial with larger tires. It is recommended that the pitman and idler arms be replaced if they show any signs of wear.

“This kit resists rotation of the drag link/pivoting of the pitman and idler studs which allows an incredible amount of toe change. I’ve seen trucks with very low miles and worn out joints as this twisting motion thrusts very hard on the internals of the joint. If your drag link/inner tie rods rise and fall when pressure is applied or the wheels turn, then it’s time to replace the pitman and idler arms as well as add these supports. The nut inside the joint is a shoulder type with threads running all the way to the end.” -JK

Category: Suspension
Sub-Category: Steering
Sub-Category: Pitman-Idler

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