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Quick Heat Glow plugs for 7.3L – round terminal Set of 8ea

Price: $80.00

Fits 88′-94′ 7.3l diesels with INDIRECT injection. Will not fit Powerstroke. This plug is a solid performer, with a long service life, but are NOT self regulating like the Dual Coil units and need to be on a properly functioning controller. Identifiable by the round “bullet” style terminal.

“The electronic controller used on the 7.3L engines will not function properly with a dual coil plug. The 4 in 1 dual coil plugs will fit these applications, but will require either a controller change or a manual push button as the factory controller will sense the amperage drop and “short cycle” the plugs.” – JK

When ordering plugs only, we generally ship via USPS Priority Mail. Please be sure to note if US Mail does not deliver to shipping address given.

Category: Powerstroke
Sub-Category: Powerstroke 7.3
Sub-Category: Glow Plugs

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