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Quick Heat Glow Plugs for GM 6.2/6.5 diesel Individual

Price: $12.00

Buy a set of 8ea and $ave!

This plug fits all civilian (12 volt) GM 6.2, and 6.5 diesels with flat blade terminals. Heats fast like the 9g, but will not swell or burnout. Comes with a 1 yr warranty.

“Replace your plugs in sets whenever possible. If you are running AC 9g plugs it is advisable to upgrade NOW before they swell and get stuck. Also if you have found degraded starting performance after “upgrading” to AC 60g, I think you’ll be surprised at how well these will work. I’ve found these to be the best performing plugs on the market!” – JK

When ordering plugs only, we generally ship via USPS Priority Mail. Please be sure to note if US Mail does not deliver to shipping address given.

Category: 6.2/6.5 GM
Sub-Category: Glow Plugs

SKU: #206


Quick Heat glow plugs

Quick Heat Glow Plug is on the left

images used by permission from www.thedieselpage.com

  • Heats fast like the 9g, but will not swell or burnout
  • 1yr warranty
  • $12 each or $80 for set of 8.

For more information E-mail: john@kennedydiesel.com