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TCM model A50 used-repaired for 2009 LMM thru 2014 LML

Price: $1,275.00

In absence of any new module availability for those that absolutely must have their truck working we have this solution:

This is a used A50/T14 TCM that has been disassembled, repaired, and reassembled. It has been tested in my own personal truck and will be VIN matched and flashed to match yours. The price is high for sure, but that is what the market is dictating for used units without warranty. The purchase of this unit requires a repairable A50/T14 core to be sent in advance. A repairable core is typically one that communicates and functions briefly then sets codes and locks in the last selected gear.

Unit comes with a lifetime replacement warranty. No refunds.

Category: Transmission
Sub-Category: Chev/GMC
Sub-Category: Allison 1000
Sub-Category: Misc. parts

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