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Turbo Master mechanical wastegate control for GM-5 and GM-8 turbos

Price: $159.00

The Turbo Master mechanical wastegate control allows increased boost pressures on any GM-5 or GM-8 turbo with the vertical wastegate actuator. This turbo was used on 1996+ trucks and Suburbans as well as some motorhomes. The Turbo Master corrects the geometry of the OE lever giving the adjustable spring better leverage on the wastegate valve.

“I prefer to control the electronic trucks via the OE vacuum system and my TD-Max performance chip. This chip will allow more of an adaptive boost level due to compensation for changes in atmospheric pressure. The OE system can also provide an improved spool up under quick accelleration as the Turbo Master will open at the set back pressure while the OE system will reference boost pressure only. If your OE vacuum system is failed and economics are an issue, then a Turbo Master is the clear choice.” – JK

Category: 6.2/6.5 GM
Sub-Category: Turbo and Controls
Sub-Category: Boost Control

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