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Headlight Booster Kits

The HB kit is designed to get the maximum voltage possible to the headlamps while relieving the strain on the headlight switch, and undersized factory wiring. The result is much whiter brighter lights increasing visibility by putting more light on the road in front of you. There are currently two kits available. The first fits most any vehicle using 9005 and 9006 lamps. This includes most GM 4 lamp composites from 1990 on. There are also kits for older vehicles with H4 (2 and 3 pin push on spade connector) lamps. This covers vehicles with the old sealed beam glass lamps all the way back!

Relays are sealed from the elements to provide a long, reliable service life. Power is taken from the alternator stud providing highest system voltage, AND a corrosion free connection. This also removes the headlamp load from the existing alternator to battery charge wire. For off road use only, four lamp high beams is made possible by adding a special plug between the unused OEM light connectors. This essentially keeps the low beams on when the high beams are activated. These kits work independently of any plow lights etc as the relays are trigged when the OE lighting harness is activated.

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