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TD-Max Performance Chip

The TD-Max performance chip is a custom calibration designed to deliver an optimized fuel to boost ratio based on the customer’s needs. The level needed is determined with a phone conversation between myself and the customer. Transmission line pressures are also increased based again, on the customer’s needs.

We have multiple levels of performance available.

Each one is designed to keep exhaust temps down, while providing a substantial boost in performance and reliability. It is essential to improve the engine’s ability to move more air in and out as well as monitor exhaust temperatures as well as boost levels. A performance exhaust system, high flow air filter and instrumentation package are prerequisites for a performance chip. Some vehicles require air box modifications. An intercooler also makes a very large improvement by cooling the temperature of the boosted air, thus improving it’s quality. A boost control can also be added in some cases to fine tune the boost levels upward.

The performance of the TD max chips is second to none. Since there is a wide variance in engine condition and modifications, it is difficult to put an actual HP figure on these chips, but suffice to say we can take you as far as a 6.5 can safely go AND farther for race applications.

BLUE: while it may seem that chips labeled BLUE are from the same performance company, this is not true. ALL OEM 6.5 chip “blanks” have this designation. The letters BLUE essentially “key” the chip to prevent improper orientation. We use the OEM blanks and “reburn” the altered program on them. This, we feel is the best way to ensure proper function and installation.